Van Sales Software in UAE


Distribution Management Application with Integrated
ERP Measure, monitor and control your Van Sales with precision

Van Sales Software in UAE

Van Sales Software


Checkout Point provides the complete solution to manage your distribution chain with precision and easiness. Hopper Van Sales Application is integrated with Checkout Progress cloud ERP so you don’t have to worry on backend process. With Checkout Point BI App, you can evaluate the risk, improve the productivity of employees, efficiency of routes, etc. With the advanced features, Hopper will be your perfect partner en-route.

giving you the control and access to monitor your trade virtually

With the scale of your trade expanding at an exponential rate, you require assistance and control over the capabilities of your trading. From access to Customer information to Monitoring of your sales personnel, our system manages to keep a check on your risks. Your business would thrive upon vigilance, not surveillance or ignorance. With our Industry experience, we have developed a smart solution that allows you to control risk, monitor profitability and measure performance of your sales team.

Van Sales Software in UAE

Plan the activity as per your business needs for the Salespersons, create price lists to dictate your promotional campaigns

Van Sales Software

Keep a close eye on what activities are being performed by your sales team, keep a check of Stock and sales as per customer needs

Van Sales Software in UAE

Data collected by the system would help you to measure individual performance of salespersons, generate trends for market analysis and much more

how it works


Holds Customer Database, Item List, Price List, Inventory
Manage Inventory
Check stock in/stock out
Update Invoices
Route creation
Reporting and Monitoring
Manager's Interface
stock opening data and route information
Van Sales Software
Van Sales Software in UAE
sales invoices, sales return and stock close data


Manages Customer Relationship
Generate Sales Invoice
Stores timestamp location coordinates once sales person visit the customer and completes the transaction
Salesperson's interface
  • Van Loading
  • Download Data of Price, Stock and Route
  • Selects Customer from Route
  • Views Previous Orders and Payment
  • Selects Item or scans Barcode
  • Apply Discount Stock Updated

  • Cash Invoice Print and collect Cash
  • Credit Invoice copy printed

  • Stock and Cash Reconciliation
  • Closing Summary printed
  • Data uploaded

Measure Sales Personnel Efficiency and Plan ahead based on your sales Capabilities


Achieve Increased Sales Targets without increasing efforts or capabilities

Track sales activity with a clear visibility of your Supply Chain


Reduce risks for Losses and track the micro-trends in Sales Activity

Manage your Item List andPrice list centrally and avoid Customer grievances


Have the real-timedecision making power

Van Sales Management solution provided by Checkout Point FZCO is a tailored solution for Trading companies that aspire to reach maximum profitability via optimum utilization of current resources. Hopper Application allows for Real-time or Batch uploading option to directly enter Sales Invoice, Sales Return, etc from the Customers into the system. It also helps in tracking Sales Personnel performance and reduces the risk of any malicious activity. In a real-time scenario, Checkout Progress provides manager control over viewing current position of Sales staff on the field as well tracking performance metrics such as Invoice/Minute and Average time served per customer.

  • Stock-in and Stock-out report against each Salesman
  • Time duration spent at customer location and number of Invoices/Sales Return conducted
  • 'Hit and Miss report' based on the Client Calls attended and missed in the route for the day
  • Sales report provides an easy way to conduct a detailed comparison. Sales Report has numerous variables that can be set up by the manager as per requirement. The generated report is in a pivot format with 'drag and drop' column's to conduct the easy comparison of sales.
  • The system provides a number of other reports that can be utilized for tracking various performance metrics.
  • Our Application can work on any Android Device with a Network connection, for best use, utilise a device with at least 1 GB RAM and Android OS 4.4 Kitkat and above
  • For optimum utilization of our application's features, we recommend a Bluetooth Receipt Printer. This printer once connected to the device can produce Invoices and Credit Receipts during transactions.
  • You can either acquire this hardware from us or acquire a different hardware from any other vendor. We recommend conducting a compatibility check from our end for such devices prior to buying them.
Van Sales Software in UAE
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successful implementations

Currently live with more than 500 Vans operating Sales & Distribution routes using Hopper.


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