Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

SEAM was developed to provide a definite solution to various coordination, management and integration problems faced by enterprises around the globe.


SEAM was developed to provide a definite solution to various coordination, management and integration problems faced by enterprises around the globe. It aims to provide accounting for not only financial transactions taking pace in an enterprise but also for its operational and trade transactions. Deleting any aspect defined in the system is not possible, an enterprise can only freeze that aspect once it is not part of the enterprise environment.

The system was developed keeping in mind the current requirement of an enterprise as well its future needs, hence the scalability of an enterprise would not be a challenge for this system. It is an easily adaptable and agile solution for managing business processes and transactions taking place in an enterprise.

SEAM is built to become that smart and powerful tool for an enterprise, which can provide necessary assistance for better management and optimum resource

utilization. Integration and adaptability is at the core of this system which makes it ultra-agile in front of all the other alternatives in the market. The system is built on Microsoft .NET Framework and supports Oracle database management system to store all the data in a central database.
For creating reports the enterprise uses SAP Crystal Dashboard Design and Microsoft Office layouts, which makes the reports more interactive and streamlined. These reports are automatically generated by the system and can be exported in .pdf, .xlsx and .html formats.

An enterprise comprising of numerous companies or businesses can utilize SEAM ERP to integrate all the data onto a central database and provide easy monitoring and reporting to the executives. A user can switch between companies while using the system and check the status of business process related to a particular company.

Setting up SEAM in your Enterprise

An enterprise implementing SEAM can very easily add and subtract various modules present in the system and increase the functionality of the system. These modules are just like add-ons to your browser or applications to your mobile OS, conveniently attachable and easily removable. Any updates to the software are also sent as easily extractable module packages which can be used to update the current system without any changes to the current data and processes.

The software does not have any specific requirements except a Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 environment or above and a database connection through ORACLE database 10g or above. The system has a User-Interface that is easy and simple like Microsoft Office 2013. The single window Interface helps users to easily utilize all features of the software and shuffle accordingly. It resolves the hassle of minimizing and closing new windows in the Operating System.

Achieve even more with SEAM

Register apps on Poynt smart terminal are connected to the cloud-based enterprise solution portal called, Checkout Progress.

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