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Delivering Agility to Quick Service Restaurants

Foodie app is designed keeping in mind QSRs and Cafes all over the world. To provide the agility required for a QSR to manage their operations and capitalize on every footfall along with the ease of use necessary for an effective service.




Customer List
Catalogue View
Coupon Management
Kitchen Printer / Kitchen Display
Tablet / Web Application (Optional)

Enabling service business growth through customer retention

Service Industry concepts like Spas, Salons, Health Club can manage their services and provide greater personalization to their customers using Rufaheya. Rufaheya targets ensuring pleasure for the Merchant and their Customers while interacting with Merchants services.

Schedule Management
Service distribution
Service Variance
Resource utilization
Web Application (Optional)

Providing precision to retail business operations

Retailers of varied sizes, from Kiosks to Super Specialty Stores, will be benefited from the Souk App. Track your inventory and manage your Product quantity via a painless interface. Focus your maximum efforts on activities which generate maximum return.

Sales Ordering / Sales Returns
Barcode Management
Promotions & Offers
Coupon Management
Web Application (Optional)

Ensuring Quality for Fine-Dining F&B Concepts or Hotels

Lazeez is a powerful component in your tool kit to deliver world-class service and maintaining utmost quality in your business. It helps staff deliver on customer requests without missing any stop in the way.




Table Management
Seat-based order taking
Kitchen printer
Kitchen Display (Optional)
Tablet / Web Application (Optional)
Customer List

Not just a Point of Sale

Register apps on Poynt smart terminal are connected to the cloud-based enterprise solution portal called, Checkout Progress.

Financial Accounting

Centralized solution for your business to manage Accounting and Operations.

Inventory Management

Manage your stock and inventory locations to better optimize your profitability.

Business Intelligence

Navigate your business through Short-term and long-term trends using data analytics.

Data Analytics

Convert your data into information with help of our industry standardized reporting tools.

More power packed features available in Checkout Progress

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We offer our software and support services as part of a Subscription, so merchants are able to pay only for what they require and pay as per their usage. Our Pricing options include Monthly as well as Annual subscription offerings, starting from AED 99 per month or AED 990 per year.

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