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creating purchase order (LPO) and purchase receipt (MRV) - Checkout Progress

creating purchase order (LPO) and purchase receipt (MRV) - Checkout Progress


  • Go to Navigation Panel Purchase margin Purchase Order
  • Select 'New' to open the new Purchase Order form.
  • Select the Date, Division and Location.
  • Select the Reference as “Direct”.
  • Select the Supplier and Currency by clicking the drop down menu.
  • Enter Header Discount if any (Rate & Value).
  • Enter the preferred delivery date and location.
  • Enter Freight value and Insurance value.
  • Add LC No. and remarks if any.
  • Save the initial document.


  • Add Items by clicking sign button.
  • Select items from the list showing.
  • Choose UOM, Quantity, FOC and Rate.
  • Save the Item details by clicking the
  • Select 'Save'.
  • Select 'Send' for sending Purchase Order and Confirm it.
  • Once the stock is arrived from the supplier, open the LPO, select Receive to create its purchase receipt
  • Choose the Mode of Payment.
  • Close the Purchase Order document.


  • Go to Navigation panel Purchase margin Purchase Receipt .
  • Select Purchase Receipt Voucher Number.
  • Save the purchase receipt.
  • Click the and choose the Cost option. If not selected the transaction won't be reflected in the accouts.
  • Click the Confirm button for stock confirmation.


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